The Beauty of Correction

There is no one who can go far in life without correction. Men who don’t go far in life are people that neglect correction. It is not EXCITEMENT that makes your life better, but ADJUSTMENT. One of the prayers you must always pray in life is that the voice of correction will not be silent. Correction means to make changes, […]

Kingdom Habit

Every kingdom has a culture; The kingdom of God has the culture of righteousness, peace and joy. Culture is the way of life of a group of people; habit is the way of life of an individual. A habit is a recurring and often unconscious pattern or behaviour. A habit is a tendency that happens again and again. A habit […]

By The Reason of Use

Every man can decide the outcome of his life. And the outcome of the life of a man can be decided by the decisions he makes. One key that moves us from ordinary to extraordinary is use. When your sense is not exercised, it can not discern; everything looks good to a sense that is not exercised!

Continuous Growth

A man that has a solid walk with God can be better than a man that went for theology. Our God is wise and his wisdom is deep. The wisdom of God is so deep that our wisdom looks like foolishness to Him Christ is the object of our growth so you have not grown if you are not becoming […]

Learning Christ

Anyone that is not learning Christ will be easily distracted. Once you’re failing in the place of learning Christ and jump into serving Him, you would be controlled by emotion Anyone who is not learning Christ will be led by confusion.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Transformation by Hearing)

The greatest battle we fight now is not necessarily witches or wizards, but what goes on in our mind. The Bible instructs us to be careful of what we hear and how we hear. Anything that is in your life that is against the word of God is what the devil uses as an instrument of war. Click HERE to […]

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

There’s a special effect that being with Jesus does on our life. There is no way you will come to Jesus and your life will remain the same. It is not possible! The tool the Lord uses to change the story of our lives is His word. A life with Jesus is not a life of COMPLAINT but a life […]