The Names of Jesus: Wonderful Counsellor

One of the delightful thing you should know as believer us that you have counsel and guidance. You are properly guided in Christ. A life in Christ is guided into excellence. The quality of your work and what you produce can never be more that the quality of the counsel you receive. If you follow Christ, you have wisdom, understanding, […]

Saviour and More (Part 2)

Salvation has wells and we can draw out of the wells of salvation. There are benefits in salvation. There is forgiveness of sins, healing of diseases, love and compassion, satisfaction of your desires and renewal; these are a part of salvation, not separate or an addition to salvation Salvation is a total package. Jesus did not come to save you […]

Saviour and More (Part 1)

We cannot remove Christ from Christmas and expect that the celebration is still relevant. Everyone that is a man all had a common problem, it is SIN, and there’s one person who can deliver us, his name is CHRIST and we have one channel to be delivered from sin, it is SALVATION. Salvation is a total package. Kindly download and […]

What Really Counts

When you are Christ, you are either living by Faith or living lesser than faith. Faith is hearing and obeying God. Faith is hearing and doing. What really counts is our obedience of faith. Anything you do in faith is what counts in heaven and has the seal of heaven. The other end of obedience is toiling where you are […]

Living with Eternity in View

We are in this world but we are not of this world; we are in this world for an assignment. There is the possibility of being in this world and getting lost in the events of the world and forgetting the assignment. God already planned life; He is so structured; He is not the God of an afterthought. We cannot […]