God’s Promise, The In-Between, Man’s Wisdom

You are the greatest hindrance to most of the things God wants to do in your life. For the promise of God to be fulfilled in your life, there are behavioral changes that must take place. For God it is not about brilliance but brokenness. God will constantly work on you until you are broken God’s will must come in […]

Road Blocks to Faith and How to Handle them

One thing that must die if you want to walk in faith with God is your knowledge; your inquisitiveness because faith is a journey with God and sometimes you don’t know where it is going to end One thing that is very important on the journey of faith is your obedience. Your knowledge does not count as your obedience Faith […]

RHEMA – Living by Revelation

If you realize you are beginning to compromise, you have to go and check if God really sent you. Revelation is a personal word you have received from God If the devil can get you outside of the word, he can get you outside of faith. Once you lose faith, you lose your inheritance Click HERE to download and listen […]

Sure Banker

In a world of uncertainties and people giving to trial and error techniques, there is a SURE BANKER capital that does not fail. Your life, time and destiny is too precious to be living on trial and error. God has provided and made available for you a formula to navigate through life at all times and under different circumstances. It’s […]

Accountability and Responsibility

One of the ways God equips men for destiny is through accountability. The hallmark of responsibility is accountability. An accountable Christian is a responsible Christian. Accountability can be a safeguard for you in life and destiny. DOWNLOAD

A Tool That Can Become Your God

Every blessing of God should always take you closer to God. If it takes you away from God, it’s no longer a blessing. Money is one of God’s blessing to His children and He expects us to be a good steward of it. How can you steward money without being a slave of it? How can you enjoy money without […]