Transformed by Initimacy

Some of the things you are facing right bnow you will solve it if get into inimacy. Initimacy with God will produce righteous living. You will being to bear the fruit of righteousness.

The Church and Your Transformation

Transformation does not occur in isolation. It happens within a specific environment. Life transformation requires an appropriate environment.  Your environment determines your obedience. One environment that enhances your transformation is the CHURCH. You will learn in this audio how to know the right church, how to choose the right church and how to do church rightly

Lessons From Judas

Every portrait we see in the scripture has something to communicate with us. The fact that a man is anointed doesn’t mean he can’t finish like Judas. The fact that a man is anointed doesn’t mean he will finish well.  Judas doesn’t start out as a traitor, he became it.

Christ Men, Not Cultural Men

Fathers are pillars in society. Our culture is our default state. So a cultural man is a natural man! A male is born but a man is made. True men are raised! Growing old is compulsory but growing up is optional. A Christman is a head who has a head, that is Christ, the natural man is the head without […]

Agents of Transformation

Salvation is a journey; a total package that doesn’t only affect the human spirit but also the man as a whole. Any salvation that doesn’t impart your mind is not a complete package! The desire of God is not just that we’re been saved but that we’re been transformed

Faith and its Supplement

Faith is foundational to our Christian walk. The entirety of our Christian walk is sum as the faith. Salvation is by grace through Faith. We must celebrate salvation as the entry point, but becoming like Christ is our focus. There are things you must build on the foundation of faith that is already laid.

Transformed By His Spirit

Jesus has to lived and ministered by the Spirit because He lived as man on earth. If Jesus could live above temptation, it’s possible for us as believers to also live above temptation. If you have the Holy Spirit, your life grows from glory to glory. The Holy Spirit is for everyone. One of the blessings we receive in Christ […]


There’s a recreation that happens to our spirit man at the instant we gave our lives to Christ. But the journey doesn’t end at recreation.  Two things that must happen after recreation; Submission of our body to the Lord and Renewing of our mind. An untransformed man is a dangerous one.