In Christ – The Authority of a Believer

A believer must know how to take charges of affairs as an ambassador of Christ. An ambassador is a representative of a government in another government. Our authority as a believer is rooted in our identity in Christ. Once identity is lost, there is no authority. Our authority is hidden in our connection with God We need to learn our […]

Study of the Word

Your Bible is your own.Use your bible. When the Bible is your own. You study it. The revolution that our Christian life needs begins with the understanding of the studying of God’s word. The word of God reveals you to you. It’s like a mirror. There is a transformation that takes place when you look into the word. If you […]

In Christ – Putting Off the Old Man

There are people who are believer but who are still struggling but there deliverance already made available in Christ from the flesh and sin You can have a desire for righteousness and struggle with walking in righteousness. The life of sin makes us miserable. The answer to a life of freedom from sin is in putting off the Old man […]

In Christ – The Portrait of a Believer

The enemy can ride on our ignorance if we don’t know who we are in Christ and many can be taken in captivity because they lack knowledge. Ignorance will deny you access to what you will normally enjoy in Christ. What do we need to know as believers? What does it mean to be a believer? Kindly download and listen […]

Rich in Mercy

There is no doubt about the goodness of God. Everything that God does, he does out of His goodness. God is not just good, God is generous. He is not generous, He is liberal God God does a lot by His mercies and His mercies should not be underrated. Mercy is God’s instrument of creativity.

Before Christ: The Selfie of a Sinner

There is a nature of a sinner; it is this nature of sin that drives the conduct of sin. There is a nature in every man to sin. The nature of a sinner is wickedness. This is why salvation is first about a change of nature and not a change of conduct. Sin has control over every man who has […]

Crossover Service 2023

You only struggle with doors you don’t have the handles for. There is nothing difficult for the Lord to do; our carnality is the problem. There are different ways to get possesions; by labour or by favour. If you get it by labour, you will sweat and sweat and you won’t get many things done but you can get it […]

Divine Direction

The best time to prepare for a journey is before the journey begins. But if you have supplies for the journey but lack direction, you will soon be in trouble. When there is no direction, you can end up burning all the supplies that you have. Things die in our hands when we have supply but lack direction.