20 Signs of a Weak Spirit

1. When you are hasty in decision making 2. When you always justify wrong actions and wrong decisions 3. When it takes a while to key into divine things. Click HERE to download and listen to the message

Staying Hungry

Hunger is proof that you are fine. Hunger is proof that you are alive. Hunger qualifies you for the bread of heaven. Hunger qualifies you for a fresh filling. Hunger gives you drive. People who lack hunger are set aside. Click HERE to download the message

Strong in Spirit

It is either you have strength or you are fainting; small strength will cause you to faint. Failing in the days of adversity is because strength is small. Adversity can wound a spirit. The moment there is a wound, the enemy focuses on the wound. The aim of adversity is to wound you and the only way to respond is […]


Stewardship is not church language but there is no better word that carries the weight of who a man in Christ should be than stewards of God’s resources A steward is an intermediary between the master and the people. It is the conducting, supervising, or managing of something, especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care […]

Controlling the Tongue

You can’t be spiritual and have a loosed tongue. A perfect man is the one who does not stumble in words. Whatever controls your mouth controls your life. The tongue can wreck havoc and it can also build up a life Click HERE to download and listen to the message

Spiritual Warfare – The Armour of God 2

Our warfare is spiritual therefore the weapon must be spiritual. Spiritual weapons are the only adequate tool you can use in spiritual warfare. The warfare is about God’s people and God’s purpose Click HERE to download the message

Father This Child (Christening Service)

It is what you see about the child that will determine the actions you are going to take. If you do not see properly, your actions are going to be wrong but if you see right, you are going to channel your actions properly There are two flows that can come in the life of any child; first, the flow […]

The Authority of a Believer

God wants us to have dominion. We can exercise dominion because we are made in the image of God and because we have a body It is only man that can exercise dominion on earth. The agenda of God cannot move without men. The plan of God from the beginning is to make us a kingdom of priests and kings […]

The Word of God and Your Spiritual Growth

Physical growth is natural but spiritual growth is intentional. But just as the physical food is to the body, the word of God is to your spirit. A spirit deficient of the word of God will suffer stunted spiritual growth. “Now I commit you to God and to the WORD of his grace, which can BUILD you up and give […]

Faith for Healing

God’s hand of giving to us is GRACE but Man’s hands of receiving from God is FAITH. It will be unto you according to your faith. Faith is what you need to cash out on the bank of heaven. Healing is the bread of children but it’s through faith that you appropriate it. Click HERE to download and listen to […]