Finishing Well Begins From Starting Well

Everybody has a levelled ground in the assignment God has given us and you are going to need diligence in preparation and diligence in execution. In any assignment God has given you, you must prepare spiritually and prepare skillfully. We must be spiritual at the same time we must be skilful; we must strike a balance between spirituality and skill.

Finishing Well Begins From Starting Well

It does not matter how much beauty and edifice you build on a faulty foundation, it is going to collapse. The foundation is a very important part of the assignment. It is not when you called to the assignment that you are commissioned before commencing. You can start small, start light, or start afraid but if the Lord has sent […]

How to Respond to the Assignment

There are different way people respond to the assignment of God upon their life; some resist while some outrightly abandon the assignment. There are those who pervert the assignment but the finest of our lives emerges when we embrace the assignment. There is chaos in the world because their are people who left their assignment undone Kindly ensure you listen […]

Your Labour in the Church

There is a labour we must do in stewardship. Stewardship is labouring in love in the name of the LORD towards other believers. One of the proof of your love for others is your love for others. You have to labour in discipleship; the act of embracing men who are immature in order to bring them to maturity. We must […]

The Assignment of a Believer in a Local Church

The moment you are birthed in your home, you became part of the workforce of that home. The moment you become a Christian, you become part of the workforce in the house of the Lord. There are areas where you should labour in the church. God is not the one who will fulfill ministry; you are.

The Assignment (Part 2)

You have an assignment. There is an assignment given to you from the Lord. In the assignment, there is God who sends, a messenger who delivers the message, the recipient of the message, the purpose for which you are sent, your response to the sender and then result.

The Assignment

As long as you are on earth, you have an assignment to fulfill. The reason why you live is because your assignment is still living God will so place your assignment near you that you will not be able to deny it; you won’t have an excuse for abandoning it.