Faith For Finance

God wants us to prosper. There is no lack in the agenda of God. In God, you cannot be swallowed by Famine. Jacob had money to buy in famine; he had money to buy again. They had the best of the land and they still had double money. One of the things you must never joke with in faith is […]

Speaking Faith

Every child of God should master how the spirit of God leads him, how to follow God’s plan for his life and thirdly, living by faith. A believer must understand the power of word. Words are important and it is important to know the power of words. This is a kingdom of words and words are weapons of war. You […]

What do I do when my Faith is Weak

The just shall live by faith. One of the definitions of carnality is the moment your faith is weak. When your faith is weak, you begin to make decisions like a carnal man. Strange suggestions look good when your faith is weak. There are things you must do to get out of a moment of weak faith.

By Faith

God can lead you to the best of places, God guides, God leads. Faith is our sight in God; Faith is seeing what God is seeing. You must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him; so we press in on God. Faith is towards God hence the object of our faith […]