The Love-walk of a Disciple

One of the things that defines us as a church is love. Our love for one another will prove to the world that we are Jesus’ disciple. Love is not what you do because somebody is perfect; you love because God commanded it; the God kind of love. Asides that love is a commandment, love is a debt we owe […]

Why Discipleship

Discipleship brings about transformation. Men will remain the same until they see a different picture. Beholding provokes transformation; there is power in the image that you see. The church is into transformation business.

Disciple Your Family

God’s intent is discipleship and He wants it to begin in the family. God wants godly children. Parents are to disciple their children in the way of God. Children are God’s arrow for the future. He determines the direction of the life of a generation. If a father does not take discipleship serious, the environment will corrupt his children.

Who is a Disciple (Part 2)

A disciple is a student or a pupil who hears and is constantly being informed. A disciple constantly hears, the word of God, the word of His teachers. Be serious with receiving teaching. One of the things that shows that you value what you are hearing is where you keep it. You cannot claim the discipleship of someone you don’t […]

Who is a Disciple (Part 1)

You are either a part of the multitude or a part of the disciples. Multitudes go for bread, signs, miracles. If you are going to attain a certain measure of Christ, you have to make up your mind to be a disciple The journey to discipleship is not a call to convenience. A disciple comes to a point of not […]