Church Culture Part 2

A poor mindset will produce a poor things and a rich mind will produce a rich things. Ignorance can limit people!!! If you believe wrongly, you will act wrongly and your result will be wrong. Never accept resistance as circumstance.

Come and Go Part 5

Compassion can move you. One of the things you must pray for if you are going to be someone that advances the kingdom of God is compassion. You need to begin to ask yourself what breaks your heart as a believer? If God will send anybody, he will send a compassionate person.

Church Culture

There is a culture that must be part of you once you are part of the family of the body of Christ(Church). The Church has a culture and the Church cultures us. Church is about culturing! The Church is the ground and pillar of truth.

Com and Go part 4

There are people that you will hang around with and you will sense that there is a drawing towards God in there heart. The devil loves hijacking people from the time they are children. As kingdom men, we can’t joke with children. It’s so unfortunate that most times we focus on adults and ignore the children. When the devil discovers […]

Come and Go Part 3

There is a lot of investment from God in the making of men! The making of people takes time! God is not a frivolous God.He has a plan for our lives. When God is making you, you won’t look good. But when He is done, you will become a masterpiece.

Come and Go Part 2

If you don’t know how to rejoice, you’ll be blind spiritually. In this Kingdom, we rejoice to see! Men who do the impossible are men who see the invisible.

Come and Go

You can’t force people to transformation but love them to transformation. If you truly love people, you will tell them about Jesus. Nobody encounters Jesus and remain silent about Him.

Kingdom Sacrifice part 3

Our worship is incomplete without sacrifice. The gospel moved because of the sacrifices of some people. If you are not willing to make sacrifices, you are not willing to make the kingdom of God advance. God did not call us to a life of convenience. He called us to be soldiers.