Structure Your Relationship

There were different kind of people in the life of Jesus and from his life we can derive how to add structure to our relationship. There are people who were in Jesus life because of the miracles, some because of the food, some to celebrate him. Listen to the audio and/or download and God bless you.

Simple or Structured

Structure Your Day 2 Do you know that God begins His day in the previous evening. Everyday, God has a plan for what He will do the for the next day. The last thing you should do each day is to set the agenda for the new day. Listen or download the message below:

Simple or Structured

Structure Your Day Life counts in time; that is why it is called lifetime. Time wasted is life wasted. Life is structured in seasons. There are things a man should be doing in the different seasons of his life. It is foolishness to lack awareness of your times and season

Simple or Structured (Part 4)

Skeletons are like structures and systems; it brings stability. Skeletons are hidden but it forms the body. It gives you form; you take the shape of your skeleton. Your structure brings stability, gives you form and shape, it helps you stand. The first thing to put in place in any vision or life is structure. Listen here or download the […]

Simple or Structured (Part 3)

Where There is no Structure Where there is no organization, disorganization becomes the structure of such a place. Where there is no structure, Wastage becomes the norm There is a spirit that causes to waste.

Simple or Structured (Part 2)

God is a God of structures. He brought order into a disorderly world; the entire creation shows that God is structured. If God runs that organization, how will he run it. If God runs your home, what will it look like? If God runs your affairs really, would your life remain the same? Listen or download the message to learn […]

Simple or Structured

NGCC Ibadan Inaugural Service There is simplicity in the positive sense, that is, to be open-minded to the things of God. There is simplicity in the neutral sense which means to be easily influnced and there is simplicity in the negative sense; this means to be foolish. What are the signs to look out for to know if you are […]