To be a pillar means to be a backbone. A pillar will never withdraw help. The agenda of God will advance through men. In zealousness, a caterpillar can think he is a pillar. The enemy befriends you before he beheads you Click HERE to download


The church is God’s family. It is been born again that make you a part of the family of God. Be a part of a local church. Click HERE to download.


The life of a believer is a life in the spirit, by the spirit and through the spirit. It is difficult for a sinner to be committed to God because they are not dead to sin. Click HERE to download

Couch Session

What is the right time for relationship? When can I say am I ready for marriage? What if I am ready yet no one is proposing? Is it wrong to live as couples with whom I am not married to?Click HERE to listen and learn more in the interactive couch session

Personal Devotion; Personal Transformation

Quiet time is camping around the word for transformation. Personal devotion has to be daily. In this message, you will learn 10 reasons for personal devotion, God’s agent of transformation, transformations that happens by the word and 10 attitudes that helps transformation. Click HERE to download and listen to the message


Personal devotion revive your soul. Personal devotion helps your decision making. One of the areas you must show consistence is in your personal devotion Personal devotion is a quiet time that you spend praying, studying, worshipping and having fellowship with God Click HERE to Download the message