The Good Land

How easy is it for a believer to produce the fruit of the spirit? It is how long it takes to obey the leading of the Spirit. The simplest way out of anything you are struggling with is obedience CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Protocol of an Encounter

The protocol of God for an encounter has always been the protocol of the word and the spirit. There is nothing great that will happen in a man’s life except by the combination of the move of the spirit and the word. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Faith is the life of a believer; without faith it is impossible to please God and the life of a believer must please God. There is a level to which you can depend on the faith of another; your walk as a believer is a walk of faith. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Thanksgiving, the Fuel of Faith

Faith is the substance, the evidence of things you cannot seen; Faith is the sight of the Spirit. Faith is following God blindly believing He is the one that sees everything Thanksgiving is giving of verbal gratitude and it must be demonstrated CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD