Errors to Avoid When it Comes to Following God’s Plan

Why is it important that we learn this: God is a righteous judge and heaven will measure our walk and our work. There is a way to the things of the Lord and you cannot do the things of God anyhow. More so, this journey is not about getting it fast but more about getting it right. The things of […]

How to be Guided

There are decisions you have to make that you cannot make when guidance is poor. Guidance is very key in life. We are going to derail without guidance Man need guidance because it is not in man to direct his own steps. If you try to figure everything out yourself, you will end up with a lot of struggles. Man […]


The secret of a successful marriage can only be found in the bible; it is the source of a thing that sustains it. If the word of God started marriage, his word will sustain it. God is committed to anything that he has commissioned. Marriage is a mystery; it means that there is a system for which it must be […]