Staying Pure in a Heavily Sexualized World

A research carried out in 1991 says: 44% of congregant admit to have visited pornographic site in 1 year The US spends $10b dollar on pornographic site. 20% of pastor admit of sexual affair while in ministry. 2 out of 3 non-christian married men has had an affair outside marriage. 41% teenager has had sex before 16 by the time […]

Food or Junks

Which do you prefer? Food, junk, or the mixture of the two? A man’s life can be a picture of food, junk, or a mixture. Most Christians find themselves in the category of the mixture. Listen to the message by clicking the download below DOWNLOAD

Time is Life – 2

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is you are the pilot. Every time you waste time, you don’t just loose time, you also lose the opportunity to do something good. DOWNLOAD

Time is Life

The only time you have time is while you are on earth Time is a portion of eternity. Time is limited, eternity is limitless. Time is useful on earth but it imparts heavily of eternity. If you understand time you are a chief. If you master time you are going to be a leader of the generation. DOWNLOAD