Kingdom Sacrifice part 2

You can’t see the glory of God if you can’t sacrifice. The amount of the glory you see is the amount of the sacrifice you give! You can’t say you are obedient when you are not sacrifical. Obedience and sacrifice go hand in hand.

Kingdom Sacrifice

It is to open a new season in our life and not to give us a new note in our book. If you know what is written, you won’t live your life as a victim or live your life not doing the written word. There is no Christian faith without sacrifice because the foundation of our faith is sacrifice!

Vision Conference Session 2

How do we meet needs: Have a product, Have a service, Have a platform Structure makes you stand. Zero structure, zero future; lack of structure is very dangerous! Structure protects an organisation just like the skull protects the brain.

Vision Conference Session 1

Any faith that puts all responsibility on God is a useless, irresponsible or risky faith. Life gives you good things but vision gives you right things. Uselessness is trying or forcing yourself to do what you are not born to do!

The move of the Spirit part 3

What happens to you when the move of God is upon your life is that you will look at the word of God and you will see the picture of your life! When you are in Christ, you have access to divine information.

The move of the Spirit

Constantly make up your mind that you will look in direction of what God is doing (The move of God). The Spirit of God is the breathe of man Genesis. The person that has the Spirit of the Lord can not be kept in bondage.

The ministry of the Spirit

The purpose of the Holy Spirit in our life is to make our life glorify God. The Holy Spirit is to my advantage. The life of a believer is a working path for the Holy Spirit so we must allow Him to see His manifestations in our lives!

Walking in the Spirit

Our Christian journey begins with living in the Spirit. The moment we become born again, we have a new life in Christ. Walking in the flesh is a desire to live outside the will of God by doing something, going somewhere or behaving in a way that is not Godly.

Sponsored by the Spirit

If you cooperate with the Spirit of the Lord, you will conceive Great Things that will impact our world. You cannot be commissioned to do anything great without the confirmation and help of the Spirit. You must trust the Spirit of the Lord to lead you through different seasons and situations.