The Benefits of Purposeful Living

The Benefits of Purposeful Living

There is nothing as beautiful as living a life that is deliberate in Christ Jesus. Living a purposeful life is beautiful.

God is a God of purpose and you are made for a purpose. Abuse takes over when purpose is not known. You should embrace purposeful living

When you have a purpose, you will able to make plans and set your priorities right.

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      This is a very great church, I believe in the God of the church and the church,I really thank God for what he his doing in and with his church, kudos to such an amazing set of leadership, may the set you on more Greater platforms.
      I think the church in her Sunday and special services should get pictured sermon excerpt.
      it will really help with publicity and evangelism,as member can easily post that on there social Media platforms.

      sir ,I love and am looking forward to sitting down at your feet to learn.

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