Jehovah Jireh (Part 4)

Famine pushes you to survival mode. Survival is a lesser version of God destiny program for your life. Pressure is increase in demand while there is no increase in supply. Click HERE to download

Jehovah Jireh (Part 2)

Jehovah Jireh is the place where your dedication to God is tested. It is the place where the devil will tempt you, men will provoke you and God will test you. It is the place where your ability to hear God is tested. The primary test one must pass is the test of knowing God’s voice Click HERE to download […]

Jehovah Jireh (Part 1)

Jehovah Jireh is not necessarily the name of God but a place of encounter. There is no way you will get to God blessing you in all way without passing through Jehovah Jireh There is no way you will get to Jehovah Jireh if your hearing from God is not fine-tuned properly Click HERE to download the full message


The covenant of God for your life is stronger than any ecconomic pressure. Never understimate the blessing of relationship in your life. Keep Godly relationship and Operate by revelation. Click here to download


God uses the word to begin to write a new program in your heart. God is not in the business of making things the same way. Once you know God, there must be a shift in your life. Prayer will generate power, speaking will distribute the power. Our victory is in our speaking. Click here to download