There’s a recreation that happens to our spirit man at the instant we gave our lives to Christ. But the journey doesn’t end at recreation.  Two things that must happen after recreation; Submission of our body to the Lord and Renewing of our mind. An untransformed man is a dangerous one.

By The Reason of Use

Every man can decide the outcome of his life. And the outcome of the life of a man can be decided by the decisions he makes. One key that moves us from ordinary to extraordinary is use. When your sense is not exercised, it can not discern; everything looks good to a sense that is not exercised!

Continuous Growth

A man that has a solid walk with God can be better than a man that went for theology. Our God is wise and his wisdom is deep. The wisdom of God is so deep that our wisdom looks like foolishness to Him Christ is the object of our growth so you have not grown if you are not becoming […]

Staying Hungry

Hunger is proof that you are fine. Hunger is proof that you are alive. Hunger qualifies you for the bread of heaven. Hunger qualifies you for a fresh filling. Hunger gives you drive. People who lack hunger are set aside. Click HERE to download the message

Strong in Spirit

It is either you have strength or you are fainting; small strength will cause you to faint. Failing in the days of adversity is because strength is small. Adversity can wound a spirit. The moment there is a wound, the enemy focuses on the wound. The aim of adversity is to wound you and the only way to respond is […]

Controlling the Tongue

You can’t be spiritual and have a loosed tongue. A perfect man is the one who does not stumble in words. Whatever controls your mouth controls your life. The tongue can wreck havoc and it can also build up a life Click HERE to download and listen to the message

The Word of God and Your Spiritual Growth

Physical growth is natural but spiritual growth is intentional. But just as the physical food is to the body, the word of God is to your spirit. A spirit deficient of the word of God will suffer stunted spiritual growth. “Now I commit you to God and to the WORD of his grace, which can BUILD you up and give […]

Faith for Healing

God’s hand of giving to us is GRACE but Man’s hands of receiving from God is FAITH. It will be unto you according to your faith. Faith is what you need to cash out on the bank of heaven. Healing is the bread of children but it’s through faith that you appropriate it. Click HERE to download and listen to […]

Faith for the Assignment 2

It’s impossible to live the Christian life without faith. The sight of faith is higher than the sight of education. An assignment is the work to which you are called. While you choose your career, your assignment is given or assigned to you. Your career does not intimidate or threaten the devil, it is your assignment that does. Click HERE […]

Faith for the Assignment

One of the pivotal elements you will need as a believers is FAITH. And there is a measure of faith God has given to every believer but we must groom and grow that faith to commensurate the level of assignment God has given us. This is because the assignment you don’t have faith for cannot be fulfilled. Click HERE to […]