The Word of God and Your Spiritual Growth

Physical growth is natural but spiritual growth is intentional. But just as the physical food is to the body, the word of God is to your spirit. A spirit deficient of the word of God will suffer stunted spiritual growth. “Now I commit you to God and to the WORD of his grace, which can BUILD you up and give […]

Faith for Healing

God’s hand of giving to us is GRACE but Man’s hands of receiving from God is FAITH. It will be unto you according to your faith. Faith is what you need to cash out on the bank of heaven. Healing is the bread of children but it’s through faith that you appropriate it. Click HERE to download and listen to […]

Faith for the Assignment 2

It’s impossible to live the Christian life without faith. The sight of faith is higher than the sight of education. An assignment is the work to which you are called. While you choose your career, your assignment is given or assigned to you. Your career does not intimidate or threaten the devil, it is your assignment that does. Click HERE […]

Faith for the Assignment

One of the pivotal elements you will need as a believers is FAITH. And there is a measure of faith God has given to every believer but we must groom and grow that faith to commensurate the level of assignment God has given us. This is because the assignment you don’t have faith for cannot be fulfilled. Click HERE to […]

God’s Promise, The In-Between, Man’s Wisdom

You are the greatest hindrance to most of the things God wants to do in your life. For the promise of God to be fulfilled in your life, there are behavioral changes that must take place. For God it is not about brilliance but brokenness. God will constantly work on you until you are broken God’s will must come in […]

Well Pastored: Well Pastured 2

In destiny, you need a coach. A Pastor can stand as a coach to harness you before the devil harvests you. The role of a pastor in your life involves caution, correction, confrontation, challenge you to spiritual growth, to character development and to capacity development Click HERE to download the whole message

The Lift: Faith to Run

Don’t be a Christian without strategy. The enemy always has a strategy and a sense of identity. You are not here to listen to what the devil has to say, we are here to put him in his place Before the enemy steals your life, he steals your attention. When the enemy gets your attention he gains more ground. There […]

LTC2022 Day 1 -Catching and Running with a Vision

A vision is a matter of how you see yourself in the future. Vision is acquiring fresh perspective for your life from God’s vantage point of view. Without vision you are going to live on the boring side of life. Vision adds meaning to life and you can’t afford to live without one Click HERE to download the message