Food or Junks

Which do you prefer? Food, junk, or the mixture of the two? A man’s life can be a picture of food, junk, or a mixture. Most Christians find themselves in the category of the mixture. Listen to the message by clicking the download below DOWNLOAD

Time is Life – 2

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is you are the pilot. Every time you waste time, you don’t just loose time, you also lose the opportunity to do something good. DOWNLOAD

Well Pastored: Well Pastured 2

In destiny, you need a coach. A Pastor can stand as a coach to harness you before the devil harvests you. The role of a pastor in your life involves caution, correction, confrontation, challenge you to spiritual growth, to character development and to capacity development Click HERE to download the whole message

The Lift: Faith to Run

Don’t be a Christian without strategy. The enemy always has a strategy and a sense of identity. You are not here to listen to what the devil has to say, we are here to put him in his place Before the enemy steals your life, he steals your attention. When the enemy gets your attention he gains more ground. There […]

Well Pastored Well Pastured

The advantages of being born again and being a part of church will not be thoroughly maximized if you are not being Pastored. One of the way you know a person is pastored is that his or her life has direction DOWNLOAD to listen to the full message

Getting the Best from your Spiritual Family

Church means different things to different people. For some, it is culture. For some, it is torture but church is more than a culture or a torture Church is not just the building but the body of Christ and it is a privilege to be part of God’s family. God brings us to a spiritual family to shape us and […]