Simple or Structured (Part 3)

Where There is no Structure Where there is no organization, disorganization becomes the structure of such a place. Where there is no structure, Wastage becomes the norm There is a spirit that causes to waste.


There’s a recreation that happens to our spirit man at the instant we gave our lives to Christ. But the journey doesn’t end at recreation.  Two things that must happen after recreation; Submission of our body to the Lord and Renewing of our mind. An untransformed man is a dangerous one.


The church is God’s family. It is been born again that make you a part of the family of God. Be a part of a local church. Click HERE to download.

The Fatherhood of God

Father is gotten from the word Abba which means source, progenitor or origin. Once you became born-again God became your father; we became children of God by faith in Christ Jesus Click HERE to download and listen to the message

The Lordship of Christ

True revival is a combination of miracles and character Doctrine is a regulator of character; what you hear will determine how you behave. What you listen to is important as whom you listen to You can’t be better than whom you hear. Every word carries a spirit; that is, it has a force to make things happen Click HERE to […]


Our faith becomes stronger as we express it, a growing faith is a sharing faith. Don’t hold your peace when you see sin. Sin is not your normal. We can’t be numb to sin. Click here to download


Your career is not an hindrance for you not to share the Gospel If you are going to be a solid witness for the Lord, you can’t be tied to your personal agenda. The end point of discipleship is witnessing. Click here to download


The covenant of God for your life is stronger than any ecconomic pressure. Never understimate the blessing of relationship in your life. Keep Godly relationship and Operate by revelation. Click here to download

Candid Talk to Young People

Every young person has two assets: strength and time. The glory of a young person is his strength. It is good for a young man to bear his yoke in his youth. The devil wants to hijack your soul for premature pleasurable things while God wants to harness your soul for predestined purposeful living. Click HERE to download and listen […]

Candid Talk to Women 2

The greatest need of a woman is sensitivity and spiritual insight. It is either you build spiritual insight or natural insight There are benefits for a woman with great spiritual insight and your spiritual insight can be trained. Click HERE to download and listen to the message