Candid Talk – Thinking Generations 2

Your words have generational impact whether spoken or written. Words can build, words can uphold, words can frame, words can set limits. Your words can either build bridges or burn them The prayer of one generation is the psalm of the next generation. There is a place you need to get to for the next generation to enter into rest […]

Candid Talk – Thinking Generations

God is the God of generations. He is a God of continuity. There is nothing God does that he wants it to end with one man. A generation is a vehicle of transfer to another. Generational impart is a command. A generation should get it right and pass it on to the next Click HERE to download and listen to […]

6 Things the Young Needs – Candid Talk to the Young 2

As a young man, you must be able to identify the invisibles things that carries weight. The devil wants to exchange something spiritual for something material For example, once you lose your joy, you will lose peace; you may even lose control. You can exchange your soul for anything As a young man or woman, there are six things that […]

Candid Talk to Young People

Every young person has two assets: strength and time. The glory of a young person is his strength. It is good for a young man to bear his yoke in his youth. The devil wants to hijack your soul for premature pleasurable things while God wants to harness your soul for predestined purposeful living. Click HERE to download and listen […]

Candid Talk to Women 2

The greatest need of a woman is sensitivity and spiritual insight. It is either you build spiritual insight or natural insight There are benefits for a woman with great spiritual insight and your spiritual insight can be trained. Click HERE to download and listen to the message

Candid Talk to Men 2

Men love to be respected however respect is not automatic; respect is earned. There were men who were respected not just by men but also by God. Abraham was called the friend of God. He created a new rank in his relationship with God. There are qualities that men God will respect must exhibit. You will begin to lose respect […]

Candid Talk to Men

Manliness is not muscle. What makes a man is training. You don’t outgrow training. A godly man must be taught. Training makes you an asset. If you are not an asset you will become a liability. Your best is not in your raw state. Click HERE to download and listen to the message