Blessed Forever (Part 3)

To redeem means to buy back. When Christ took away the curse, He gave you the blessing. If He took dying for you seriously, then you must choose living for Him seriously. Nothing can hurt you if you are a man in Christ Click HERE to DOWNLOAD

Blessed Forever Part 2

When you find grace, you begin to enjoy divine enablement; ┬áThere’s an ability to do the will of God because in obedience the grace is found. A man who has found grace doesn’t do as convenient but as instructed and commanded. Click HERE to DOWNLOAD

Blessed Forever (Free from Generational Curse)

God is blessed forever and that’s why He can bless us forever. It takes a man who is blessed forever to bless others forever. The first word that God utters to man was a blessing. The word of God locate you. A man that grace locates is a man the word of God has found. Click HERE to download