Simple or Structured (Part 2)

God is a God of structures. He brought order into a disorderly world; the entire creation shows that God is structured. If God runs that organization, how will he run it. If God runs your home, what will it look like? If God runs your affairs really, would your life remain the same? Listen or download the message to learn […]

Simple or Structured

NGCC Ibadan Inaugural Service There is simplicity in the positive sense, that is, to be open-minded to the things of God. There is simplicity in the neutral sense which means to be easily influnced and there is simplicity in the negative sense; this means to be foolish. What are the signs to look out for to know if you are […]

LTC2022 Day 1 -Catching and Running with a Vision

A vision is a matter of how you see yourself in the future. Vision is acquiring fresh perspective for your life from God’s vantage point of view. Without vision you are going to live on the boring side of life. Vision adds meaning to life and you can’t afford to live without one Click HERE to download the message