The Fatherhood of God

Father is gotten from the word Abba which means source, progenitor or origin. Once you became born-again God became your father; we became children of God by faith in Christ Jesus Click HERE to download and listen to the message

6 Things the Young Needs – Candid Talk to the Young 2

As a young man, you must be able to identify the invisibles things that carries weight. The devil wants to exchange something spiritual for something material For example, once you lose your joy, you will lose peace; you may even lose control. You can exchange your soul for anything As a young man or woman, there are six things that […]

LTC2022 Day 1 -Catching and Running with a Vision

A vision is a matter of how you see yourself in the future. Vision is acquiring fresh perspective for your life from God’s vantage point of view. Without vision you are going to live on the boring side of life. Vision adds meaning to life and you can’t afford to live without one Click HERE to download the message