Staying Hungry

Hunger is proof that you are fine. Hunger is proof that you are alive. Hunger qualifies you for the bread of heaven. Hunger qualifies you for a fresh filling. Hunger gives you drive. People who lack hunger are set aside. Click HERE to download the message

Controlling the Tongue

You can’t be spiritual and have a loosed tongue. A perfect man is the one who does not stumble in words. Whatever controls your mouth controls your life. The tongue can wreck havoc and it can also build up a life Click HERE to download and listen to the message

Time is Life – 2

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is you are the pilot. Every time you waste time, you don’t just loose time, you also lose the opportunity to do something good. DOWNLOAD

LTC Day 2- Plenary 4: Dealing With Limiting Mindsets

What are the wrong mindset we have adopted? Mindsets like, “one day e go better” or “whatever is yours will not pass you by” or “life begins at 40” or maybe yours is “beware of friends” Do you also know that there are wrongly quoted scriptures? Download the full message to learn how to deal with limiting mindset

LTC Day 2 – Plenary 2: Walking in the Steps of Giants

Mentoring is key to success. Any solid achievement that is of necessity will take years of humble apprenticeship. You will struggle if there is no one holding your hands. Success has a method; success has a story and success is not theoretical. Mentorship is one of the method for success Click HERE to download and listen to the full message