Prosperity: Creating Values

To create value means to produce something of worth that can be offered for money. The question money will always ask is what are you giving me so I can come to you. The payment for value does not have to be money; it can be by exchanging services. The question you should ask yourself is ‘What do I have’?

Prosperity: Building Blocks of a Prosperous Life

You must have a covenant sense. Our God is a covenant keeping God. Covenant is powerful. When you have covenant sense, you are not caught in strife. Jacob was an employee who was being cheated and yet he was prospering. The blessing is not in a location; it’s in you. Don’t hustle or fight like the heathen. Do not skim […]

Prosperity: The Place of Education and Exposure

God has given us everything to enjoy. The fear of finances has to be broken. There are certain things you will not be able to do due to fear. We learn to be abased but we do it in faith and not in fear. We should prosper becuase without prosperity even wisdom is despise. One of the barrier to prosperity […]

Even as Your Soul Propers

It is the will of God for you to prosper. It is important that the body of Christ is taught that properity is God’s plan. God’s plan for us is that grace is at work in us and makes us responsible. The easiest thing for you to do is to prosper. The easiest thing for a believer to have is […]

The Reward of Discipleship (Part 2)

There were different churches, different manifestation but the same Jesus. In every church, our revelation of Jesus must be the same but the manifestation of Jesus we will experience may not be the same. What determines our reward? our conduct determines our reward. Be careful of those who say it does not matter what you do. What you do matters. […]

The Reward of Discipleship (Part 1)

God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him. As long as you are a disciple of Christ, there is a reward for you. If you are not a disciple of Christ, the burden of life will break you down. There is an an eternal reward of a disciple. This will be at the judgement throne of Christ; there […]

The Sacrifice of a Disciple

Christ has done something for us by laying down his life for our sins. The sacrifice of Christ however is an invitation to a disciple that we also meant to lay our lives for him. We are meant to live a life of sacrifice for Jesus. In our generation today, some believers are not ready to lay down their lives, […]

The Love-walk of a Disciple

One of the things that defines us as a church is love. Our love for one another will prove to the world that we are Jesus’ disciple. Love is not what you do because somebody is perfect; you love because God commanded it; the God kind of love. Asides that love is a commandment, love is a debt we owe […]

Why Discipleship

Discipleship brings about transformation. Men will remain the same until they see a different picture. Beholding provokes transformation; there is power in the image that you see. The church is into transformation business.

Disciple Your Family

God’s intent is discipleship and He wants it to begin in the family. God wants godly children. Parents are to disciple their children in the way of God. Children are God’s arrow for the future. He determines the direction of the life of a generation. If a father does not take discipleship serious, the environment will corrupt his children.