By Faith

God can lead you to the best of places, God guides, God leads. Faith is our sight in God; Faith is seeing what God is seeing. You must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him; so we press in on God. Faith is towards God hence the object of our faith […]

Catalyst of Divine Purpose

Catalyst are known to be things that speed up chemical reaction. Catalyst in this regards can also be people; a person or event that quickly causes change or action. There is a birth phase of purpose, there is a death phase and a resurrection phase of purpose. When sometimes a woman is labouring for her child, she can get tired, […]

The Place of Prayer in Purpose

The purpose of God can only be birthed and established when we pray. Your life will be full of coincidences when you are a man of prayer. We cannot stand complete in the will of God if we don’t pray. You will eventually enter into what you have been praying for. When the Lord calls you to do something for […]

How to Discover God’s Purpose for You

Many people are clueless and confused about what God would have them do. Purpose is God’s beckoning and no one can come into purpose in God except when He is plugged in to Christ and what He has made him to be. God is a deliberate God; He is not friviolous. He has plans; he has reasons for creating you. […]

The Benefits of Purposeful Living

There is nothing as beautiful as living a life that is deliberate in Christ Jesus. Living a purposeful life is beautiful. God is a God of purpose and you are made for a purpose. Abuse takes over when purpose is not known. You should embrace purposeful living When you have a purpose, you will able to make plans and set […]

Understanding Purpose

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Purpose in God delivers you from hopelessness. One of the advantage we have as believers is assurance of God’s purpose Once you can find what God is doing, you are at rest. You can be restless when […]

In Christ – The Authority of a Believer

A believer must know how to take charges of affairs as an ambassador of Christ. An ambassador is a representative of a government in another government. Our authority as a believer is rooted in our identity in Christ. Once identity is lost, there is no authority. Our authority is hidden in our connection with God We need to learn our […]

Study of the Word

Your Bible is your own.Use your bible. When the Bible is your own. You study it. The revolution that our Christian life needs begins with the understanding of the studying of God’s word. The word of God reveals you to you. It’s like a mirror. There is a transformation that takes place when you look into the word. If you […]

In Christ – Putting Off the Old Man

There are people who are believer but who are still struggling but there deliverance already made available in Christ from the flesh and sin You can have a desire for righteousness and struggle with walking in righteousness. The life of sin makes us miserable. The answer to a life of freedom from sin is in putting off the Old man […]

In Christ – The Portrait of a Believer

The enemy can ride on our ignorance if we don’t know who we are in Christ and many can be taken in captivity because they lack knowledge. Ignorance will deny you access to what you will normally enjoy in Christ. What do we need to know as believers? What does it mean to be a believer? Kindly download and listen […]